2014 Anniversary Party

BLARE Media Anniversary Party

By Blake Barnett

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Anniversary Party!!

Our video production company is turning 9 years old and YES, sarcastically, it’s the “pottery” anniversary!! As you may have guessed we’re not super big fans of pottery…So we’re throwing a B-party (as in “B-movie”) with our good friends at Windsong Productions. It’s happening Wednesday, August 13th, and you’re invited.


RIDE! A REAL* Shark!
SEE! The Creature With the Invisible Brain!
BE! Part of Our B-movie!

It’s gonna be an anniversarinado of a shindig, with themed appetizers, drinks, and B-fun. Mark your calendars and we’ll see you on the 13th.

Where: 7676 N. Palm Ave., Suite 104 – Fresno, CA 93711
When: August 13th, 5pm – 8pm