We do a lot of television and network projects. These are some of the well-known media entities that we’ve provided pilots, episodes and content for. Throughout our history as a company we have been called upon many times to be work on projects for major media industry clients. This can take the shape of a sound mixer for the day on an episode of Cribs or a few b-roll shots for a sketch on Saturday Night Live (They sent our crew up to San Francisco and had us grab some really specific trolley b-roll shots.)

The thing about the big boys is that you have to speak the lingo and you have to know that plans can change in an instant and that you always need to be flexible. One of our greatest assets as a company is having a broad base of talent on which to call on at any given time. We have back ups for our backups. This is one big point of differentiation between a full-fledged video production house and a guy with a camera. We can’t tell you how many times that we’ve had someone bail on us two days before or even the night of and not had a replacement lined up for us. We do two things when something like that happens: First, we go to our next crew member on the list and make sure that the shoot is covered. Second, we make sure that we put that person at the bottom of the list. No one likes a flake. Especially people in the media industry who spend so much time lining up the people that they want to work with. So we always prepare and we’re constantly updating our lists. We won’t leave you high and dry. Ever.

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