How long does it take to receive the final product?
This varies greatly depending on the type of project and the length. It also depends on how busy we are during that time. We try and give back finished projects within about 4 weeks, but it really depends on the project.
How will the final product be delivered?
The final product can be delivered in whatever format you need. The most common formats are Quicktime MOV files and Flash FLV files. These files can be delivered to you in a variety of ways. We use a service called TakeoffVideo that allows you to download the video from the web or we can deliver it to you on a DVD or hard drive.
Will we be able to see the video before the final product and make changes?
We will post the video on our TakeoffVideo site and allow you to watch it and make comments. Our number one goal is to make sure our clients are happy. So we will not deliver the final product to you until you are satisfied.
Can you provide the raw footage for the clients?
Yes, if you provide an external hard drive we will be happy to give you the raw footage from your shoot.
Do you rent equipment out without an operator?
We will occasionally rent our equipment out without an operator, but we highly recommend that you rent it as a package. We know our equipment in and out and can help you to get the best results for your project.
Are you able to provide talent for my project?
Absolutely, we have a database of actors and actresses that we have worked with and we will show you potential options for your project and let you make the final decision.
Do the clients need to provide a script or do you write them?
We can write scripts for your project, but it is always best if it is a collaborative effort. The client should have a general idea what they want to show, but we can help fine tune these ideas into a complete script that is ready to be produced.
Can the clients be involved in the editing process?
Of course. Normally we will finish the project to our liking and post it online for you to watch and make comments, but occasionally the client will like to have more direct input in the editing process and that is possible as well. The best way to facilitate this is to first compile all the raw footage on DVD and give it to the client. “Burned-in” to the footage will be the timecode for the shots and with this info the client can be confident that they have see everything there is to edit and know for sure that the best pieces reach the final cut. Generally the client will watch all the “dailies” and write down the timecode for anything they like and that will determine the general outline of the video. This approach can be a very rewarding and detailed way for the client to guarantee his or her specific vision while allowing our talented editors to do what they do best.
Can you do videos for clients not located in the United States?
Yes, we have done infomercials for clients overseas and used our actors to accomplish these projects. We collaborate on the script through email and deliver the final videos through ftp servers or via our online site.
What formats does the RED offer?
The RED Epic shoots in a raw format called R3D, but it can be converted into many other formats. The one we normally use is an Apple ProRes codec within a quicktime mov file.
Do I need to handle the buying of airtime or is that something you can do?
We have an in-house advertising buyer that will help you with the buying of airtime or you can handle it on your own and we will contact them for the specific needs of that station.
When should I call and schedule my shoot?
It is best to plan as far in advance as is feasible to prevent conflicts from occurring on our end or yours. If possible please contact us at least three weeks prior to your scheduled shoot date. This type of lead time can definitely make the process go smoother but if you are in a pinch we are fully prepared and capable of last minute shoots and projects with short deadlines.