Corporate Event Video Production

By Scott Davis

| Video Production


The Power of Video Production for Corporate Events

Video production has become an essential part of organizing successful corporate events. It serves multiple purposes, such as preserving memories, communicating critical information, and promoting the brand. There are several types of videos that can be created at such events. Today we’ll explore the benefits of video production at events, suggest ideas for filming these videos and highlight how you can find help to create a killer corporate event video.

Types of Corporate Event Videos

It’s already a huge undertaking to be the event planner for your corporate event, you might be overwhelmed with the videography for your event as well. You have a lot of options for documenting your event so we’ll break down ideas on how to package your footage to present it as a usable video for marketing, team building or any other purpose.

Event Highlight Video

Recording the best moments of your event and packaging them together into corporate event highlight videos can be an effective method of encapsulating the event’s essence. This highlight video can not only preserve the memories but can also be used to advertise future events. When edited skillfully with engaging visuals and dynamic editing, a highlights video can be shared on various platforms such as social media or your company websites. Additionally, they can be sent to event attendees as a token of appreciation. Highlighting the event’s most exciting moments can attract more attendees in the future and increase your audience base. You can have a lot of fun making an event highlight video and people will love it.

Product Launch Videos

One of the regular features of corporate events is the introduction of new products or services. Videos showcasing the launch of these products or services can generate excitement and anticipation among the audience. These videos typically highlight the benefits of the new product or service, how it works, and how it can resolve customer issues. These videos can be used during the event and can also be shared on various online platforms to reach a more extensive audience.

Internal Communication

Corporate events serve as an excellent platform to connect with employees and stakeholders. To set the tone and generate enthusiasm, one can create a video highlighting the event’s purpose and theme. It’s also helpful to create videos summarizing essential messages or updates from keynote speakers. These videos ensure that everyone is aware of the pertinent information and is working towards achieving common goals.

Testimonial Videos:

Testimonial videos are an effective way of demonstrating the value of your company. These videos feature satisfied clients and customers who provide testimonials about their positive experiences. These videos carry a significant impact as they offer an opportunity to showcase how your company has helped others, thus creating trust and loyalty. You might also interview members of your team, highlighting the goals and values of your company.

Live Video Streaming:

Live video streaming is an excellent way to increase the reach and engagement of corporate events. It offers a more inclusive experience by allowing people who can’t attend in person to participate remotely. Live streaming can generate excitement and anticipation for future events, creating an added level of engagement for attendees.

Tips for corporate event videos

Whether you’re going to document your corporate event on your own or hire a crew of professionals, here are some things to keep in mind to make it as easy as possible to capture the highest quality footage for your video.

Define Your Goals for the Event Video

Regardless of whether you are creating a product launch video or capturing special moments at your event, defining your goals is an essential initial step. Determine the message you want your video to convey and who your intended audience is. Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, you can confidently begin planning and executing your video.

Make a Plan and Stay Organized

It’s not enough to just grab a camera and think you’re going to film everything at your event. Make sure your production team knows what events and footage you’re looking for. Know the schedule and be prepared for every moment. If you have specific presentations or moments you want to capture make sure you have as much details about it as possible. If you want to capture some crowd footage or b-roll type stuff, consider making a list of things to look for. Just like any film or video project, the more organized and prepared you can be the better. It’ll make your event video a lot easier to create.

Use the Right Equipment to Capture Quality Video Footage

Depending on what you’re trying to capture, you’re going to need different equipment. Your set up is going to be a lot different if you’re filming a stage presentation verses getting crowd footage. You may need to coordinate with the event tech personnel to be prepared for any lighting issues or where you can set up. And don’t forget about your sound. You might need to make special arrangements to get the best quality audio for the event presentations.

How to Ensure Smooth Post-Production Processes

Once you have all the footage you desire you’ll need a talented editor to put it all together, following your goals for this project. Add music, graphics and animation to make your video special. Keeping your material and footage organized will be essential to help make this process as smooth as possible.

Distributing the Final Product to Target Audiences

Once you have your video or videos completed you’ll want to follow strategy when it comes to showing your content to your target audience. It is important to plan how to incorporate your video across multiple platforms and channels to maximize its reach and visibility. Besides social media platforms, consider email lists, website placement, and on-site displays. Understanding your audience and their preferences is crucial to selecting the right channels for distribution. Collaborating with marketing professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the latest marketing techniques and trends can add more value to your distribution plan. By adopting a planned, measured, and strategic approach, you can confidently deliver your message effectively and efficiently to the people you want to reach.

Your Corporate Event is an Opportunity to Make Exciting Video Content

Video production can be a game-changer for your business when it comes to corporate events. By incorporating video production into your corporate events, you can increase engagement, showcase your brand, and create a memorable experience for your audience. If you know your goal, make yourself over-prepared and stay organized, you’ll have a simple and fun event shoot.

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