Fresno Web Design for WeedShark

Fresno Web Design for WeedShark

By Blake Barnett

| Web Portfolio


Recently we launched a website for the revolutionary lawn-care product WeedShark, which promises to reduce the often grueling work involved in clearing stubborn weeds and brush for both commercial and residential customers.

The WeedShark product, developed in Fresno, CA, is a four-in-one trimmer head for gas-powered lawn and hedge trimmers which replaces the original string heads found on most machines with a multi-purpose set of gardening tools. It is suitable for both homeowners and landscape maintenance professionals, and was designed to increase efficiency and get better results for everyone, whether they are working with wet grass, tough weeds, thick brush, or simply need a tool for light tilling and cultivation.

In designing the website for WeedShark, we opted for a less-is-more approach, rather than clutter up the page with a million widgets or social media feeds, we chose a clean, approachable design which tells the story of the product, what it does, and where you can get it. Simple.

The website concentrates on the features of the product, including its “Tail Whip Effect” that provides a dual action cutting mechanism to better cut down tough foliage, and its unique “shark teeth” trimming head that functions as a spinning saw blade that clears all in its path. Demonstration videos show the power of the device in a wide variety of applications, and instructional videos show buyers how to install the product in step-by-step fashion.

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