Almond Videos

Fresno, CA

Almond Videos - Nut Up Industries

We have spent several months working with Roche Brothers Incorporated Almond Company and their affiliate Nut Up Industries on a series of videos highlighting the different pieces that come together to create their “full-circle” farm to table operation. On our latest visit to their facility we took a look at their blanching and chopping processes, set up some tasty product shots and got some beautiful aerial footage of the area. 

Day one gave us some questionable weather to start the day; great for the Valley but not so great for outside filming. Luckily (and serendipitously), timing worked out perfectly and everything cleared up for us to get our exterior shots. All in all a painless and successful shoot.

We also ate at Chili’s! 

It’s always a pleasure to work with everyone at RBI/Nut Up and we can’t wait to show off all the projects we’ve have planned with them.