Sacramento, CA

Imagination - Video Production Monitors

Blare Media had the absolute pleasure of working with Imagination and sitting down with Dr. Ashley Joves. Joves is the founder and dentist at Smile & Co., a Folsom dental practice aimed at doing something that until now seemed impossible; making your trip to the dentist not just bearable… but enjoyable. From clients greeted with a cappuccino upon entering, to a champagne after the appointment, and even an outdoor patio designed for parties, Joves has created a space as exciting as it is functional. 

Creating a trustworthy testimonial can have many benefits for local and large businesses alike. By providing a face for the consumer to connect with, you allow them to experience a level a intimacy that humanizes an otherwise potentially lifeless entity. Testimonials let the consumer into the private goings on within a business and can be the building blocks for genuine connection with its ideals. It is a very real opportunity to leave a lasting impression on clients.

Because of the value of personality in selling a product, it’s very important to create a set that allows for the interviewee to feel as comfortable as possible without sacrificing quality. A good interviewer should always try to make sure that the interviewee is comfortable and safe to be as vulnerable and genuine as possible. Luckily with Dr. Joves, who oozes with charm and passion, that was not an issue at all. 

The Blare team was able to capture the entire interview, gather beautiful B-roll, and finish with time to spare.