Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX

Houston Video Production

Our Dallas team shot this pharmaceutical video in Houston at a beautiful new building that Lonza was still in the process of finishing. For those who’ve never heard of Lonza, they do some incredible work in product development services to the pharmaceutical and biologic industries. This includes organic, fine, and performance chemicals, custom manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, chemical synthesis capabilities, detection systems, and services for the bioscience sector. They are cutting edge and just being in their facility made us feel smarter 😉

We used Canon, Tokina, and Rokinon lenses on a Red Epic Dragon camera to create this medical video. We look forward to returning to the location to be able to show off even more of their incredible technology in the future.

To learn more about Lonza, Click Here

Also, see the time-lapse for Lonza.