San Jose Corporate Video Shoot

San Jose, CA

Corporate interviews and b-roll shoots can benefit greatly from a beautiful and dynamic location and the shoot for Schneider Electric was definitely an example of that. We were tasked with shooting a three camera interview setup which is not all that typical but can yield excellent results. We shot with three Sony a7S3’s and had a separate sound recorder. We love the versatility of these cameras and their ability to capture excellent results as long as the contrast ratios aren’t too high. We had one camera on tripod, one on a Dana Dolly and the third was a roving ultra-smooth handheld camera that was capturing BTS-style shots and a variety of inserts. It’s nice to have that kind of flexibility in post to always have something to cut to. Fortunately, we were also able to shoot a variety of b-roll in the large spaces provided by the location. We’re looking forward to the final piece!