San Jose Production – Virtual Conference

San Jose, CA

With the rise of virtual meetings, large scale video production service jobs for clients from around the world have become a regular occurrence for us – particularly in Silicon Valley. Here at Blare Media we love these jobs. We get to combine all our favorite ingredients including hard-earned production expertise, trusted crew partners, top notch gear, and a detail-oriented pre-production approach to make sure we are providing everything necessary to make a great shoot.

In this case, an East Coast video production company needed to wrangle the San Jose Armory (circa 1934) into shape for its client’s virtual conference featuring an LED wall in the middle of the room. We lit the space primarily with our new collection of high-powered energy efficient LED and HMI lighting. We constructed a grid of speed rail and sound blankets and built walls of sound panels that helped cut down on reverb that could only be described as “realy…ealy…ealy…ealy bad.” We also brought in directional Countryman mics to isolate vocals as much as possible. We addressed visual issues by using our RED Epic to cut way down on any potential moiré from the LED wall, and supported presenters with specialized prompter setups and slideshow navigation.

In the end we had a great time at an historic venue in the heart of San Jose working for some of the nicest clients in the biz. We gained new experience that will only further our production services offering, and we look forward to many more productions just like this one!