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BLARE Media is a California-born video production company providing a variety of different clients, all over
the globe, with the best video production their money can buy.
Understanding that every project is unique, BLARE Media customizes each to fit the client’s
communications needs, goals, personality, audience, and production budget.
BLARE Media’s creative teams are masters of content development and acquisition: From pre- through
post-production, our teams possess the skills to produce quality video work, making both BLARE Media
and our valued clients proud.


What We Can Offer


From image acquisition to final deliverables, we bring the best equipment, software, and industry-proven workflows to every project with one thing in mind: to produce great-looking content for our clients.


We like to be a total camera solution for your project. Our rates for the gear are competitive with most LA houses but since we only do “wet” rentals, we include a Director of Photography with every package.


Let our in-house team craft a web presence that you can be proud of. We build future-proof sites compatible with all of the latest viewing mediums and also offer a full suite of internet marketing services.


Why You Should Choose
Us For Your Next Project


In the highly competitive California video production market, BLARE Media seeks to stand out through two important things: better quality and unmatched service.
From image acquisition to final deliverable, webring the best equipment, software, and industry-proven workflows to every project with one thing in mind: to produce great-looking content for our clients.
Since day one, we have striven to produce Superbowl-ad quality work while keeping things on budget. Speaking of budget, you will be pleasantly surprised by our rates and the level of quality you get for them.


At BLARE, great service starts with open communication, continues with a thorough understanding of your project’s needs, and doesn’t end until we deliver a stellar final product that meets or exceeds your expectations.
We are experienced in servicing a wide range of clients and project types, including TV commercials, feature films, shorts, content for web streaming, corporate training videos, trade show loopers, and even Hollywood red carpet interviews.


Whether on-location or in the studio, our highly-skilled and professional team will guide you through the development process from concept to reality. The BLARE Media in-house production
professionals are focused on your vision and have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude when it comes to
realizing the goals of your project.
BLARE Media is committed to providing premiere services for each and every client. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how our qualifications would best meet your needs..


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