Construction Video Production

In recent times, the construction industry has come to appreciate the practicality of video production as a means of obtaining an all-encompassing perspective of construction projects. The use of drones and other video recording technologies allow construction companies to capture divers footage from multiple elevations and angles, thus promoting a better understanding of project advancement. Additionally, video production is an effective tool for safety training, enabling the simulation of real-life situations and presentation of safe work practices.

BLARE Media adopts a personalized approach when working with clients in the construction industry to create videos that cater to their individualized needs. By engaging with stakeholders, we identify the intended purpose and objectives of the video, and utilize our professional aptitude to produce captivating and informative content that showcases the construction project’s evolution, safety protocols, and other salient elements.

Construction Portfolio

solar installer

Kuubix – Installers



Solar Reel 2021

Solar Reel 2021

Demo Reel

Solar Commercial Campaign - Bakersfield Video Production

Bland Solar – More Exciting than a Mountain


Bakersfield, Los Angeles

Time-lapse Video Production

Time-lapse Video


Dallas, Houston

Whiteboard Video Production - Smart Energy Solar

Smart Energy Solar

Animation, Commercial

Fresno, Los Angeles

Irrigation TV Commercial