New Event Invitation System

Contact Squid

By Blake Barnett

| Events, Networking


Contact management website unveils improvements to its evite tool which promises to make the invitation process easier.

Contact Squid, a business contact management portal we developed a few years back now has a few new features. We recently introduced several enhancements including an event management function, which allows users to invite all contacts from specific geographical locations with the click of a button.

When sending out an invitation through the Contact Squid interface, users have the option of sending it to all of their contacts, or to filter by city or state. This reduces the amount of invitations sent to contacts who reside out of the area, while also streamlining the invitation process.

With the new features Contact Squid is similar to ConstantContact and MailChimp, but ours is a completely free, unlimited service. We hope to make it easier for users to manage event invitations on Contact Squid than on Facebook, where you have to spend a while clicking on each friend you want to invite, or risk inviting people inappropriately. Also, the fact that each invitation sent features additional area events is a value-added promotional benefit for the members who use our service.”

Other features which were recently rolled out include the ability to import contacts from multiple locations such as Google, ConstantContact and MailChimp accounts with a few clicks, and the addition of a snapshot of six similar, local events to each event invitation email. This was done to increase the exposure of each event entered into the system, as each contact will see the other events when they open their invitation. As an example a member can send an event notification out to 100 of their San Francisco based contacts, which has the possibility to receive extra exposure from 1000’s of other contacts in the area when other members send out similar event notifications.

Contact Squid is similar to other contact management systems, with the difference being that we do not charge extra for our premium features, including the ability to share contacts, rate contacts, create search engine-friendly URLs on profile pages, unlimited contacts and emails, meta-tags, and social media integration.

For more information, please visit or give Blake Barnett a call at (415) 865-9811.