Borde Testimonial Video

Borde, an innovative AI company based in San Francisco’s Bay Area, has developed a groundbreaking No-Code AI in a Box solution revolutionizing the food industry by bringing AI technology that enables increased food production, improved efficiency, and automation. Their latest machine is capable of sampling 100% of almond products, classifying them by size or shape, detecting impurities, and discarding defective or foreign objects.

To showcase this incredible technology, Borde approached us to create a video testimonial. Armed with state-of-the-art Sony cameras FX6 and A7S3 on a gimbal, we filmed the machine in action at one of Borde’s client facilities. Our skilled team captured the seamless integration of the technology, utilizing dynamic angles and smooth movements to emphasize its impact.

Through compelling visuals, concise narration, and insightful interviews, we highlighted the benefits of Borde’s technology. The video demonstrates how the machine significantly improves productivity, quality assurance, and operational efficiency in the food industry.

By showcasing satisfied client testimonials, our video establishes Borde’s credibility and the transformative power of their No-Code AI in a Box solution. It serves as a powerful marketing tool, enlightening potential clients about the competitive advantages Borde offers.

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