Clovis RV – People Choice Award

Clovis RV Commercial

This video production was filmed on site at the Clovis RV dealership. With some good music in the background and bright clear video, this spot is sure to grab the target market’s attention.

This was a fun video shoot and we had to use a few video tricks to get the opening animation to look good. We tried making 3D models, 2D models and actually making a wooden #1 but none of those things worked quite right. Eventually we ended up taking pictures of pieces of wood and compositing them onto the 3D #1 that we made. We then put in strings, sound effects and the smoke and dust that it makes when it drops. It is rarely possible to sell a special effect with only one thing that is ‘fake’ you usually need at least 3 elements that are real to ground it in that reality. This is what makes video production so fun and with our new RED One camera we are able to complete these effects much more convincingly.

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