Copper Viper

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This music video was a lot of fun to make. We did the production in Seattle, Washington in the very same studio where some great grunge albums by the likes of Soundgarden had been made. The band Copper Viper is from England and they were in The States to record their album. It was not only a wonderful location to record, but indeed an excellent spot for a video. In fact, the whole thing took place within a few hundred yards of the studio. We were operating out of a minivan due to the distance to the shoot and so we didn’t have all the toys, but we did make extensive use of the Ronin and, of course, our Red Epic Dragon. We did the coloring in Davinci Resolve with some help from a few new creative LUT’s and did all the cutting in Adobe Premiere. Ian McAleece and Justin McAleece were the Cinematography/Director duo and Mehran Heard and Ryan Gibson rounded out the crew. It was a fun one for sure!

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