Medical Animation Video

Medical Video Productions

This video was a ton of work and allowed us to expand our capabilities as a company. It’s comprised entirely of 3D graphics and ended up being pretty extensive. We’ve done a lot of projects in the medical video production segment of the market and it is always fun to be on the cutting edge of technology. We used a number of post production tools to compete this video including Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, Element 3D and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Jason Wada and Benjamin Deutscher were the leads on the project. Benjamin did the initial modeling cleanup and Jason did the lighting and animation.

When we approach a job like this we are looking to dial in not only a cohesive look and a strong overall visual identity, but we are also aware of scalability and malleability. This means that as a company we are always looking toward the future of the project and what changes might need to be made. This can happen through updates or if the client or the client’s client suddenly changes their mind in a major way. This is pretty common and can lead to a lot of heartache if we don’t take the step ahead of time to make things easier to tweak and more automated to change. This is one of the key reasons to hire an experienced video production company. They are going to be better about planning for the future of a project than a company that hasn’t had to resurrect a video that they thought was completely done. This is not client specific either, but a matter of approaching each video with an eye toward flexibility and expandability.

In this day and age, versioning is an important part of medical video productions and video production in general. With short and longform TV, VOD ads, Facebook videos and the various other new media uses, having a company that understands the power of planning ahead is vital.