Clear Channel – San Jose Airport

San Jose Airport

When Clear Channel needed video production about modular airplane cabin features, they took off with Blare Media. We sent DP Roger Stoneburner to capture the public interacting with the Transpose exhibit at the San Jose airport, and judging by everyone’s response, its the future of exciting new options onboard airplanes. Edited by Joel Forrest and featuring Voice Over by Melissa Geston, we’re hoping we have a hand in highlighting exciting new in-flight features. Up up and away!

Clear Channel

Clear Channel Airports Develops Innovative Airport Media Programs that Connects Brands with Hard-to-Reach Consumers Through Captivating Media Opportunities.
For more than 40 years, Clear Channel Airports has defined the airport advertising industry. Our diverse media platform allows brands to engage consumers through hands-on experiential exhibits, dynamic digital displays, mobile retargeting and a multitude of printed media options. We have invested over $125 Million in airport media products, including more than 2,000 dynamic digital displays, designed to promote brands across North America.

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