The Bone Store

The Bone Store – Commercial Campaign

Producing broadcast TV commercials is one of our prime specialties. Capturing the character of a brand is an area where we have a lot of experience, having served a wide range of clients with varying target audiences, branding requirements and production budgets. The Bone Store, a California-based retail medical supply store with only three locations, is a prime example. The Bone Store client approached us wondering how we might address the fact that, with so few retail locations, their dollars available for video production would be limited. The client also had the unique need of targeting two distinctively different audiences; the first target were those individuals who suffer from a wide range of pain and mobility issues; the second was the medical community itself who, it was hoped, would recommend The Bone Store to their patients. The solution was to produce two 30-second TV spots targeting potential customers; and one five-minute video aimed at the medical community. Production for The Bone Store was fairly straightforward: First off, by casting realistic, non-professional actors we avoided the typical “Hollywood” phoniness seen in so many commercials; and by using a proven “problem/solution” creative approach, we were able to dramatize patient needs to make our subjects appear credible and worthy of viewer empathy.

Fortunately our actors were believable as real patients, and they blended well with the actual medical professionals we interviewed for our medically-targeted video. But to keep our production within the client’s approved budget, we needed to be as efficient as possible. Through careful planning, scripting, storyboarding and casting, AKA Pre-Production, we were able to limit our production to just a two-day shoot. We need to give credit where credit is due and point out that our camera and sound crews are true professionals: They move quickly but never hurry, they are patient, yet resolved, and the resulting TV spots and video had a look and feel that appeared as though we spent much more time and money than we actually did. So if you own or manage a business that’s in need of professional video production that reflects your brand’s true character but without the lavish spending of a big Hollywood production budget, give us a call and let us show you how we can produce affordable TV spots for you that look great on the air and move the needle to get you the results you need.

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