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San Jose Grip Van Rental

No matter the size of your production, it’s crucial to have exceptional lighting and camera equipment technicians with the expertise to ensure a seamless production. Grips and gaffers play a vital role in this team. Grips are responsible for setting up equipment to support the cameras, such as tripods, tracks, and cranes. They can also manipulate lighting using stands with flags, nets, or other diffusing materials. On the other hand, gaffers execute the lighting design for a production. Sometimes, you may have a great crew but still need to ensure you have all the necessary equipment to be prepared for various shots and set-ups. If you’re in San Jose California, you’ll find excellent grip van and grip truck rentals to meet all your production needs.

What is a Grip Van?

If you work in video production, you might have heard the term “grip van” thrown around. But what exactly is it? Simply put, a grip van is a vehicle that’s used to transport equipment and gear to and from filming locations. Think of it as your production’s trusty companion, always ready to haul all your essential items. It’s equipped with everything from lighting instruments and support systems to practical tools that can come in handy on set. Essentially, the grip van is your one-stop solution to ensuring a smooth shoot.

What is the Difference Between a 3-ton, 5-ton, and 10-ton Grip Truck?

As the name implies, the primary distinction between a 3-ton, 5-ton, and 10-ton grip truck is their capacity. Our 3-ton grip trucks are perfect for handling small to medium-sized film production projects, one set at a time. They offer ample space for film equipment, making them suitable for shooting music videos, short commercials, feature films, as well as photo shoots or webisodes. Our typical 3-ton grip trucks come equipped with a range of frames, flags, rags, rigging gear, and basic grip truck equipment. They can also accommodate additional add-ons.

For medium to large-scale film production jobs, our 5-ton and 10-ton grip trucks are ideal. These trucks can carry a sufficient amount of equipment to support shooting of medium to long commercial and feature films across multiple sets. They are designed to cater to the needs of medium to large-scale film productions.

How Do You Know What Equipment You Need?

When considering the production type and shoot location, it’s important to keep in mind that they can significantly influence the equipment required. For instance, the equipment needed for a narrative film will differ from that of a corporate video or live event. Additionally, an indoor shoot may call for additional lighting equipment and power sources, while an outdoor shoot may require more grip equipment for optimal positioning of the lights. The specific equipment necessary to achieve your desired look and feel will be guided by the creative vision for your project. If you’re aiming for a naturalistic, handheld look, you might want to consider incorporating a camera stabilizer or handheld rig. Budget also plays a crucial role in determining the affordability of equipment, so it’s wise to prioritize essential items and remain realistic about what you can afford.

Grip Van Rental Locations

Here are some great options for your grip van rental needs in San Jose and Silicon Valley.

Rebel Sun Lighting & Grip

10280 Imperial Ave Cupertino, CA 95014


At Rebel Sun you will find the expertise of Gordon McIver and Cisco Rivera, who have over 30 years combined experience in lighting films, commercials, music videos, industrial videos and photography shoots. The Rebel Sun team offers 1, 2, 3, and 4 ton grip trucks for rent, each meticulously equipped with grip packages (flags, stands, apple boxes, rags, frames, rails, etc.), stingers, and expendables (lighting gel sheets, wraps, tapes, etc.). Rebel Sun provides quality equipment and attention to detail to quickly resolve challenges that arise. Additionally, Rebel Sun strives to be eco-friendly:  “Film and video productions sometimes create a big footprint. Rebel Sun takes every step possible to reduce the impact production has on the environment. From reusing cut gels, to turning lights off when not in use, to bringing our own re-usable coffee mugs and water bottles, we do what we can to help.”

BGGS Lighting & Grip


[email protected]

Bill Doherty has decades of experience in video and film production and is an expert in the lighting and grip field. BGGS offers packages for 1 ton and 3 ton grip packages with up-to-date equipment for all your production needs. Give them a call to talk about your project and receive a free quote.

BLARE Media’s VersaVan 

We are thrilled to announce that we have created a fully customized, versatile grip and electric van from scratch, specifically designed for productions in the San Jose and Silicon Valley areas. Our package offers a wide range of lighting options suitable for corporate, marketing, or commercial shoots.

Often, when shooting in high-rise office settings with a view out the window, we require more powerful lighting than what LED, tungsten, or fluorescent heads can provide. This is when our super bright 1200 HMI Par becomes your most valuable tool. Paired with an electronic ballast and various 4×4 diffusion options, this HMI ensures optimal results. Unlike many other grip vans, our base price includes HMI, Kino, and LED heads, surpassing our competitors in value and convenience. Our approach is smarter, simpler, and more effective, saving you money and us time during loading and unloading, while ensuring a seamless shoot.

Another reason why our Blare VersaVan excels is that we do not charge for extras like gels or gaff tape or grip clips – they are readily available on the van. In fact, we go the extra mile by stocking it with additional supplies such as a powdered and hairspray makeup kit, extra cables, and Duracell Quantum batteries. We understand that unexpected situations may arise, such as wireless mic batteries running out or a need for extra AAA batteries for a remote that didn’t come with them. We are prepared to support you in every way possible.

San Jose Video Production Grip Van Rental

Renting a grip van in San Jose is easy. With so many options, you can get exactly what you need to make your production a success. You can rent from local companies that will deliver and pick up the equipment rentals for a price you can afford. Additionally, many of the rental services offer additional services like custom setup and experienced staff. And, when it comes to getting the best gear in the San Jose area, look no further than BLARE Media. Every production is unique and our team will work with you to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need for your story without breaking the bank. So don’t delay, contact us now and get started on bringing your vision to life with help from a top quality grip van rental service.