Top San Jose Video Shoot Locations for Film and Video Production

San Jose Video Shoots Locations

San Jose and the whole Silicon Valley area are great shoot locations for your next video project. Right in the middle of California, its great mix of tech and beautiful landscape makes for a perfect variety of looks that can accommodate most any video or film project. Whether you’re filming a music video, indie film or commercial video, San Jose has something for everyone. Plus it’s a lot easier to find parking than in LA or San Francisco. Here are a few spots that are very unique to the are you might consider for your next video shoot.

Great Film Locations in San Jose

Testarosa Winery

San Jose Video Shoot Locations




There are many wineries and vineyards in the area but you’ll love the old stone cellars and beautiful landscape of Testarosa Winery. Located overlooking downtown Los Gatos, you’ll add aesthetic, location and class to any project. 

NASA Ames Research Center

San Jose Video Shoot Locations

Moffett Field, CA


Located near MountainView, the NASA Ames Research Center is a neat spot for a military or government feel with some fun space stuff thrown in. For the film history buffs, this location was used for many scenes in The Right Stuff. Also close by is Google’s new Bay View campus, which itself looks like something from another planet. 

Mission Santa Clara de Asis

San Jose Video Shoot Locations

500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

(408) 554-4023


Sitting at the heart of Santa Clara University’s campus is one of the most beautiful missions in California, a state full of them.  The chapel has a gorgeous altar with elaborate paintings and ambient open lighting. Outside there’s a rose garden and the rest of the campus that could serve as a perfect filming location. 

Big Basin Redwoods State Park

San Jose Video Shoot Locations

Santa Cruz County


Big Basin is California’s oldest state park and is home to over 18,000 acres of ancient coast redwood trees and picturesque waterfalls. Much of the park was devastated by fires in 2020 but is starting to recover and can still serve as an amazing backdrop for film and video production. Check out their website here for more information. 

Choosing a Location for your Video Shoots

When it comes to selecting a filming location, there are many factors to consider. You need to carefully think about the script’s demands, budget, accessibility, and logistics. It’s crucial to understand the script’s requirements, such as the settings and landscapes that play an integral role in the story. To stay within budget, you must be realistic and prioritize essential locations. Keep in mind that popular locations may require booking well in advance.

Apart from availability, you should evaluate the logistics of each location. Accessibility, safety, permits, and required equipment are important considerations. Once you have a clear understanding of your requirements and budget, you can start scouting potential locations either in-person or online. It’s essential to look for places that align with the script and fit within your budget.

After identifying potential locations, you can narrow down the options based on availability, logistics, and overall suitability. Finally, it’s time to make the final decision. Weigh all the factors and choose the location that best suits your needs and budget. Remember, the shoot location significantly impacts the look and feel of the production, so choose wisely.

Do You Need a Permit for your Project

Determining if a filming permit is required for a particular location depends on a variety of factors such as the location itself, the type of production, and local regulations. The San Jose Film Office is a helpful resource for your production. They will get you the right contacts for permitting, scheduling and any other assistance. If they don’t personally have the information you seek, they are still a good first step to point you in the right direction. For anything outside of Silicon Valley, here are some helpful tips.

Research Local Regulations: Start by researching the local regulations that govern filming permits. Reach out to relevant state or federal agencies, as well as the city or county government to determine what regulations apply.

Contact Location Owner: If you plan to film on private property, you must seek permission from the owner. Check with them to determine if any necessary permits or restrictions exist for filming on the property.

Contact Film Offices or Commissions: Many cities and states have film offices or commissions that can provide details about the necessary permits and regulations for filming in the area. They can also guide you on the specific permits needed for a specific location.

Check with Professional Organizations: Professional organizations such as the Producers Guild of America or the Directors Guild of America may have resources or information on filming permits and regulations.

Check with Film Permitting Services: There are also film permitting services available that can assist with the permitting process. These services provide information on the permits needed for particular locations and can assist with the application process.

It’s crucial to obtain the necessary permits and permissions to ensure a legal and successful filming process. Conduct research and acquire the necessary permits and permissions to prevent any legal issues or disruptions while filming.

Find the Perfect Shoot Location for your Next Production

From historic cathedrals to stunning public parks, San Jose has a vast array of desirable shoot locations for your next production. In addition, BLARE Media can help with all your pre-production needs ranging from location scouting to equipment rental to staffing. We have an extensive team of experienced professionals who can ensure that your vision comes alive! So don’t wait and contact BLARE Media today, so you can start seeing your project take shape right away. We’re dedicated to helping filmmakers bring their creative ideas to life; let us show you just what we can do! If you’re ready to get started, give us a call now and take the first step in turning your dreams into reality.