The Rise of AI Generated Commercials – Should Your Next Commercial Production be AI-Generated?

By Blake Barnett

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Commercials are a critical part of a company’s marketing strategy. A compelling ad can boost brand awareness, increase sales, and communicate your core messages to potential customers. However, creating effective video commercials has traditionally been an expensive and time-consuming process. 

That’s all changing thanks to advances in artificial intelligence. AI tools can now generate custom video commercials in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional video production. As early adopters in AI generated video, BLARE Media is at the forefront of this revolutionary new advertising method.  

*The above commercial was created as spec for one of our clients using AI tools to generate the audio narration (ElevenLabs) and moving images (Mostly Runway).

Benefits of AI Generated Commercials

There are many reasons why AI commercial production makes sense for modern brands and businesses:

Cost Savings – Our AI workflow can create custom animated commercials for a fraction of the price of traditional video ads. This allows smaller brands to finally utilize the power of sight, sound and motion.  

Speed – The process of creating video ads has been significantly expedited by the power of AI. While the exact time frame for ad creation may vary, the use of AI has undeniably reduced the traditional timeline from weeks or months to hours or days.

Iteration and Testing – Our generative AI approach allows us to quickly produce and refine many video ad variations to find what resonates best with your audience. Testing different messaging and creative is easy when you remove traditional video production bottlenecks.  

Customization – No two brands are alike, which is why our staff works directly with you and AI to completely customize everything from branding to messaging to mood and style. This ensures your unique identity shines through.

Innovation – As AI generation technology improves, so too will the quality and creativity of our team’s output. This allows us to consistently deliver innovative and impactful video ads that keep pace with the times. 

Is an AI created marketing video the right choice for all brands or for your business?

Now I know you might be thinking, and you could be right; generative AI might not be the best option for your business or even for that local handcrafted brick-oven pizza shop you love so much. However, for many marketing efforts, an AI generated commercial can not only help your team maximize your budget, but quite literally get something that would be nearly impossible to produce other wise. Part of the brilliance of this new paradigm is that a shot of someone scaling the tallest mountain on earth no longer requires a trip to the Himalayas, this means that your imagination can run free like never before. Couple that with our deep knowledge of storytelling and the bleeding-edge capabilities of AI and you can bring something truly wonderful to your customers that would’ve been out of the question previously.

Let BLARE Media Produce Your Next Commercial

BLARE Media is ready to help your company exploit the power of AI content creation. As leaders in generative video, we empower brands to cost-effectively produce AI commercials with compelling messaging tailored for their unique identity and audience. 

Our experienced video directors and video producers will guide you through the entire video production process, from pre production to post production. We understand that every production is unique and requires its own special attention. That’s why our video production services are tailored just for you.

Our top tier production team and editor team will work closely with you to create a production that resonates with your audience. We combine creative production ideas with the best production tools available to create videos that are both visually stunning and effective in conveying your story or achieving your marketing goal. Our creative production team can assist with scriptwriting, scouting for video locations, hiring talent and production crews, and more. 

Contact our video production team today to learn more about our AI video ad service. We can walk you through the intuitive creation process and help you bring dynamic new commercials to life. Be at the forefront of the future of advertising. The power of video and AI awaits!

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