Video Production Question on New Camera Purchase

video production question

By Justin McAleece

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Question (From Scott):

I’m looking at new cameras. The new Sony PMW-300 which is taking the place of the EX3, the Canon C300 and the Sony FS700U both are large imager cameras.

I know the EX3 is extremely popular so the PMW-300 should be as well with its 4:2:2, 50 mbps recording and other advancements.

Many people are liking the look of the large imagers. I’ve used the C300 on shoots. However, I’m leaning towards the FS700U in a large imager camera because of its slow-mo capabilities.

Of course, I still have my HDX900 camera and XDcam HD recorder for standard 2/3″ HD images on tape or files. Recently, I purchased a Sony PDW-2U XDcam disc recorder for those who want their footage on disc and another NanoFlash XDcam HD recorder.

Do you or your associates have any input on camera selection? I want to have what producers need.

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  1. I would get the camera that is the best tool for the kind of work you want to do. If that’s a 1/2″ chip with a run-n-gun broadcast style then get the EX3. If you prefer a shallower DOF with more cinematic leanings then get the FS700U. It sounds like you already have XDCAM capabilities that are above that of the EX3 anyway. So if it were me I would get one of the cameras with the larger chip. Also, evaluate how often you use slo-mo and if that is an important part of you shooting requirements because the ergonomics of the 2 cameras mentioned are vastly different.

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