Video Production Question on New Camera Purchase

by | October 3, 2013 | Video Tips | 1 comment

Question (From Scott):

I’m looking at new cameras. The new Sony PMW-300 which is taking the place of the EX3, the Canon C300 and the Sony FS700U both are large imager cameras.

I know the EX3 is extremely popular so the PMW-300 should be as well with its 4:2:2, 50 mbps recording and other advancements.

Many people are liking the look of the large imagers. I’ve used the C300 on shoots. However, I’m leaning towards the FS700U in a large imager camera because of its slow-mo capabilities.

Of course, I still have my HDX900 camera and XDcam HD recorder for standard 2/3″ HD images on tape or files. Recently, I purchased a Sony PDW-2U XDcam disc recorder for those who want their footage on disc and another NanoFlash XDcam HD recorder.

Do you or your associates have any input on camera selection? I want to have what producers need.

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