We know your business needs to start posting more. And you want to grow engagement directly with new audiences by creating a lasting image on social media. But it’s hard to stay consistent. And where does the content come from? We have a solution.

Let our team create the catchy Social Media Marketing Videos that you need by repurposing your existing content. Pivot your message, or deliver a whole new one. It’s a cost effective and practically an automated way to stay connected.

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If your company is like most companies, one of the most pressing topics of discussion is social media marketing. “We need to be posting” is the mantra we hear a lot. Our subscription package is designed to solve these issues. Here’s the plan:

  1. We’ll assess your needs. Are you trying to get on Facebook or Instagram or just post more often on Youtube?
  2. We’ll set goals. What are you aiming for with your social media marketing?
  3. We’ll tell you what we can do with what you already have. Do you have any other footage or news clippings that are more recent than what we did?
  4. We determine if we need to shoot something new. We also utilize stock footage and graphics to make it seem brand new.
  5. We put it all together in a series of short, fun, useful clips to get your message out there.

Our base package starts with monthly videos of 20-30 seconds a piece and goes from there. Most people want to post more than that and depending on the amount of footage or business developments you have we’ll be happy to increase the frequency.

The best thing is that once we iron out the details in our intro meeting you can forget about it and look forward to shiny new videos showing up in your inbox without having to worry about going through a new process each time.

Click here to view a sample campaign. You can see that we’re using similar elements to create multiple videos that seem new and really convert. Not everyone will be direct to consumer, but you get the idea.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started on your social media campaign today!