Unique Look at Production

We tell stories for a living.

There’s a message you want to get out there, there’s an audience that needs to hear it, and there’s a perfect way to deliver it – Your story to your customer – Simply, succinctly, and sooner than you think. This is where we come in. We tell stories for a living. We help you feel comfortable because we’ve done this before. We can take your script and tune it up a bit, we can mold your ideas into a pitch that really shines, or we can start from scratch and deliver a complete end to end solution.

Casino Video Production

Telling a good story is not very easy, but those who do it well make it look like it is.

This is where we come in. We’re here to help you get your story to the masses. You have potential customers that don’t know what you do and don’t yet understand what makes your value proposition different than your competitors’.

Through decades of video production experience we are able to harness what you have and bring it to your audience in a way that allows you to be as engaging, polished, and focused as possible. This is our goal; to see your video message as more than a lot of LEGO pieces ready to be assembled, but as the final creation that delivers the wow factor.

This is why storytellers are more than just technicians, sales people, and various crew members. Storytellers are able to hone and tweak and see the big picture to get your message to your people. Video production is a medium for the storyteller, and we’d love to be a part of your next chapter

We’ll take you by the hand

We know where to look for the best light, the cleanest background, and the most favorable sound. We know not to plug into THAT outlet, so that everything keeps running smoothly. It’s our job to solve problems before they happen.

We’ll walk you through the process. We’ll take you by the hand from start to finish and identify just what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

When it comes to gear…

…we have it. Our lighting packages range from one man run-n-gun style to feature film worthy trailers. We shoot in 4K or 6K for many reasons, even if you only need 1080P.

We have redundant microphones, extra cameras, dynamic movement, and a whole lot more. It’s the way we like to design our shoots – less is not more when it comes to options in the post-production process.

Which brings us to editing

We have the ability to accommodate your specific needs through a large range of choices of editing styles and special effects. Our in-house production professionals are focused on your vision and have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude when it comes to realizing the goals of your project.

We use transcription services to get us all on the same page, we put our footage to archival tape immediately upon receipt to guarantee it pretty much forever, and we start every edit with the idea that the only constant is change.

Unique Look at Production

We utilize online portals to get your feedback right on the video and we factor in rounds of revision into the process so that there aren’t any hidden costs. In fact, we almost always come in at budget, but if your creative team decides that you want to expand the scope of the project, we’re ready for that as well. BLARE Media is committed to providing premiere services for each and every client.

So let us tell your story. With both our creative and technical approach we’ll tell it well!