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Houston, Texas — You may or may not already know that Houston in the 4th largest city in the United States and the home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center — but did you also know that Houston is a major media production center with films like “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” “Crazy Heart,“ “Rollerball” and the Coen Brothers’ “Blood Simple“ all having been filmed here.

If you are planning to shoot a feature film, commercial, industrial spot, music video, or any other film or video project, Blare Media can help with your Houston video production. We use only state-of-the-art cameras with 5k and high-definition capture, professional crews, and the best post-production tools to impress your intended audience and make a lasting impression.

We understand that video production can be a daunting process, so we’re here to help. Our team can provide as much or as little guidance as you need throughout the project lifecycle. We will work closely with you to create a budget and timeline that meets your needs and fits into your overall business plan. From scriptwriting to production and video editing, Blare Media will be there every step of the way.

Houston Video Services

Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from other video production companies in Houston. We use only top-of-the-line equipment and employ experienced professionals who have worked on projects for clients around the world. With a talented team and ultra-HD camera packages, Blare Media can deliver stunning video production visuals that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your project, get a free quote and learn more about our services! We look forward to working with you!

Blare Media – Video Production Company

Video production is a highly sought-after service in Houston, Texas. Companies operating in the area are often looking for ways to make their products more engaging and visually appealing, and video can be an effective tool for that purpose. A company may opt to create its in-house studio or hire a professional video production company to provide services including videography, video editing, motion graphics, animation, and other video services. Professional video production companies like Blare Media in Houston offer a variety of packages tailored to suit any company’s needs. These can range from simple promotional videos to more complex productions like interactive marketing campaigns and corporate events. No matter the project size or scope, Houston-based video production studios have the experience and expertise to deliver stunning results. With the right company and package, businesses can create visually captivating videos that grab the attention of customers and increase brand recognition. Video production is an invaluable asset when it comes to creating unique visuals for your company in Houston.

Houston Video Production Agency

Our video production agency in Houston has the expertise and experience to guide you through your video production journey. Our team specializes in creating marketing video content that captures audiences, promotes brands, and drives conversions. We use state-of-the-art video equipment, software, and editing tools to create video content that speaks to your target audience. From concept to completion, our video production agency will work with you to ensure that your video project is a success. We are passionate and dedicated to delivering the highest quality video content for our clients. Let us help you bring your company’s story to life with professional, engaging videos produced in a studio, office, or other location.

Video Marketing Agency for Commercials, Corporate Videos, Testimonial Videos…

Welcome to our video production agency in Houston, TX! We are experts in guiding you through your production journey, from concept to completion. Our team specializes in creating marketing video content that captures audiences, promotes brands, and drives conversions. Our San Jose-based video production agency offers a range of exceptional services to help build your brand and bring your vision to life. Our team of experts has years of experience in everything from corporate videos to commercials and promotional videos. Our high-quality video content will help you stand out from the competition and captivate your audience. Get started today by contacting us to talk about your production project.

Why Choose BLARE Media as your Video Production Company?

  • Affordable video production: Blare Media offers affordable production services, with prices ranging from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 or more for high-quality videos that require advanced equipment and extensive editing.
  • Corporate video production: Blare Media is a highly acclaimed corporate video production company that has been delivering exceptional results to businesses for over a decade.
  • Commercial video production: With over 18 years of industry experience, Blare Media is committed to providing high-quality production services.
  • Social media video production: Blare Media offers social media video production services that are different from traditional production companies. They walk clients through the complete production process.

If you’re looking for a service focus top Houston production company that specializes in creating branded and commercial content, you have come to the right place. Our professional video services company is dedicated to delivering high-quality video content that stands out from the crowd. We have a creative team that can help you produce a brand video or web video that will capture your audience’s attention. Our services include creating branded content for advertising, commercial videos, and more. We have a vast knowledge of beautiful production locations in Texas and around the world, which allows our brand partners to visualize the future of their products inside an aesthetically perfect environment. Our commercial production company is able to match stunning visuals with incredible locations to create a unique and memorable video. Our commercial production clients range from major fashion brands, credit card companies, skincare companies to cutting edge tech companies and more. Our production company / ad agency has produced branded videos for Taco Bell, Mercedes, Microsoft, and many major global brands. We are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. Our track record shows we have been trusted time and again by major brands for their film and production needs from concept to commercial production. Please click here to watch our reel to get a sense of our style and capabilities

Houston Video Productions

We offer a wide array of video services including corporate video production, commercials, promotional videos, and more. Our team has years of experience in video production and can help bring your vision to life. Contact us today to get started on your video production project! With our video production agency in Houston, you can expect high-quality video content that will help your brand stand out from the competition. Let us help you create video content that captivates and engages audiences all across the world. Contact us today to get started!

In and around Houston lies a number of largely untapped film locations and video facilities that are easy to access and production friendly. The Houston area is also home to at least a dozen world-class film and television festivals, each covering a variety of unique genres and films types.

But perhaps the two biggest factors that make Houston so production friendly are its range of unique film locations and its professional production facilities. Need a 1940s era art deco Air Terminal? Architect Joseph Finger built one right here in Houston. Looking for a 1977 tall ship in a real, working harbor? Then direct your location scout to check out Pier 21 in nearby Galveston. Or say you need an exciting indoors go-cart track and arcade: Check out the amazing Andretti Indoor Karting & Games for some seriously fun film production. Or perhaps you need a real sound stage with a green screen: Studio 713 offers producers a full-service video production facility right in downtown Houston’s Warehouse District.

Houston also offers Blare Media, as well as other production crews, a number of recording studios and equipment rental facilities, making Houston an ideal city for filmmakers to mount their productions.

To learn more about the many benefits of locating your production in Houston, check out the Houston Film Commission for more information on facilities, locations, permits and all the rest.

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