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Dallas, Texas — well-known for its oil industry, its Tex-Mex cuisine and, of course, barbecue — is also a major media production hub, with films like Tree of Life, Office Space, and RoboCop all being shot here. If you are planning to shoot a feature film, commercial, industrial spot, music video, or other project, Blare Media can help with your Dallas video production. We use state-of-the-art cameras with 5k and high-definition capture, professional crews, and the best post-production tools to “wow” your intended audience and make a lasting impression.

Within its Metroplex lies a plethora of largely untapped film locations and facilities that are easy to access and video production friendly. The the Metroplex also hosts over 20 different film festivals. But perhaps the two biggest factors that make Dallas so production friendly are its range of film locations and production facilities and services. Need a giant pool in the shape of Texas? You’ll find it in Dallas. Looking for a 55’ tall cowboy to round out your production? Then look for “Big Tex” looming over the Texas State Fair in Fair Park. Not only is Dallas home to such Texas icons but it also offers production crews like Blare Media a good deal more down to earth attractions.

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When we were tasked with creating a 2-3 minute video for an upstart web-based betting portal out of Houston there were quite a few questions to be answered and things to get handled. Not only did we help write a script, and find a location, actors and local crew, but we even had to recast some actors the day of due to a weather emergency. It all turned out great though and we’re happy with the final product. The spot was directed by Justin McAleece and shot by Eric Meisner and Juan Rocha. Post production was handled by Josiah Thiessen. Click here to view full video.

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Our Dallas team shot this pharmaceutical video in Houston at a beautiful new building that Lonza was still in the process of finishing. For those who’ve never heard of Lonza, they do some incredible work in product development services to the pharmaceutical and biologic industries. This includes organic, fine, and performance chemicals, custom manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, chemical synthesis capabilities, detection systems, and services for the bioscience sector. They are cutting edge and just being in their facility made us feel smarter 😉

We used Canon, Tokina, and Rokinon lenses on a Red Epic Dragon camera to create this medical video. We look forward to returning to the location to be able to show off even more of their incredible technology in the future.

To learn more about Lonza, Click Here

Also, see the time-lapse for Lonza.

Christie Cannon

Christie Cannon

Shooting a luxury townhouse video is not new for us. Although, this property was unique. We have been producing real estate content for years. From TV commercials, infomercials, MLS videos, website videos and property tour. The video was for a property showcase. We had the pleasure of working with Christie Cannon and her team.

Once the whole project was shot our post production team took over. They selected the shots with the Christie Cannon real estate team. The video was cut to an electronic music track to give it an edgy feel.

Click here to view the full project.