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Denver Colorado — You may or may not already know that Denver is exactly one mile-high and is famous for its hard-to find and eponymous omelette — but did you also know that Denver is a major media production center with films like “Die Hard 2,” “Independence Day,“ and Woody Allen’s “Sleeper“ all having been filmed here.

If you are planning to shoot a feature film, commercial, industrial spot, music video, or any other film or video project, Blare Media can help with your Denver video production. We use only state-of-the-art cameras with 5k and high-definition capture, professional crews, and the best post-production tools to impress your intended audience and make a lasting impression.

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In and around Denver lies a number of largely untapped film locations and video facilities that are easy to access and production friendly. The Denver area is also home to the award-winning Denver Film Festival, which FilmFreeway says, “is one of Denver’s most popular and publicized events. The annual festival is a high profile, glamour-filled event that is the focus of an enormous amount of media attention beginning in September and continuing through November.” Who knows, maybe Francis Ford Coppola and Emma Stone will show up again!

But perhaps the two biggest factors that make Denver so production friendly are its range of unique film locations and its professional production facilities. Need a 1914 historic landmark to double as a train station turned classy hotel and restaurant? Check out Union Station in downtown Denver. Looking for mixed martial arts training gym? Then send your location scout to check out Train. Fight. Win. on Santa Fe Drive. Or say you need 35,000-square-foot candy making facility: Check out historic Hammond’s Candies for a seriously sweet film production experience. Or perhaps your production needs a 50-acre ranch with a big ranch house within an hour of Denver: Then be sure to send your scout to Summerhill Land to scope the ranch out. Or perhaps you need a real sound stage but with natural light: Truce.Media offers producers a full-service video production facility just west of downtown Denver. Denver also offers Blare Media, as well as other production crews, a number of recording studios and equipment rental facilities, making Denver an ideal city for filmmakers to mount their productions.

To learn more about the many benefits of locating your production in Denver, check out the Film In Colorado website for more information on facilities, locations, permits and all the rest.

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