ABC 30 Studio

Fresno, CA

Sets and lighting are going through big changes these days, and when ABC 30 decided to rework their set to a cutting-edge style, we were fortunate to provide skilled labor for the undertaking.

The new set installed custom LED video walls you might have noticed on national news productions and sporting events around the world. They also needed to employ a variety of the latest lighting instruments utilizing Bi-Color LED technology that are highly adjustable through digital lighting boards.

Justin McAleece and Ian McAleece lead the charge for Blare Media and worked alongside a nationally recognized lighting director and set design corporation to install and focus the new lights. We were very proud to be a part of the valley’s most watched news station’s new set and lighting, and we hope viewers enjoy it for years to come. See ABC 30’s news piece and timelapse at the link below showcasing the new set.