SJVC Shoot

Fresno, CA

Blare Media was very excited to once again work with one of our favorite companies, Windsong Productions, on their campaign for San Joaquin Valley College. Justin McAleece was enlisted to take on the role of Director of Photography for this 3-day shoot. It was quite a challenge to manage lighting and cameras for more than 10 interviews and gather accompanying B-roll over only three days of shooting, but the shots all turned out stunning. Three RED cameras were utilized, along with Sigma Art lenses, LightPanels Geminis for the key and fill, and an assortment of smaller lights for backlight and accents. In addition to Justin serving as DP, he also operated the A-Cam and worked hand-in-hand with Windsong’s director Byron Watkins to help visually tell the story. It was an amazing cast and crew and we can’t wait for the finished products to be released. See below for some of the awesome “behind the scenes” stills that were captured.