Virginia Video Production


virginia video production

 In August we were lucky enough to go to Virginia on a 10 day shoot for the Virginia Department of Health. Our goal was to showcase the many different communities in Virginia and what they are doing to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates. Many groups are significantly under-vaccinated and we were there to gather evidence and interview people within those groups who see the importance of getting vaccinated.

We worked with frequent collaborators Greene Street out of the DC area and we got great grip and lighting support from Jake Pulliam at Bridge Studios who is based out of Richmond.

We used a Sony FX6 and 2 Sony a7S3’s to capture interviews and b-roll all across the great state of Virginia.

Below are a series of videos from the footage captured featuring physicians across the Commonwealth of Virginia treating patients facing COVID-19.

Dr. Avula

Dr. Henry and Jade Ranger

Dr. Marsh

Dr. Martin

Below are the three public service announcements produced for the Virginia Department of Health in the fight against COVID-19.

PSA – Have Faith, Virginia

PSA – Generations

PSA – Our Shot, Together (Spanish)

We look forward to seeing the 30 and 60 second spots go on local broadcast television in the near future.