Working with Pineapple in Jackson


Camera Crew Team

One of our friends and producers reached out to us after years of not working together. She wanted to see if we could put together a trusted camera crew team to cover a shoot with her in Jackson, Wyoming. The timeline was tight but we were able to fly out Matt Jeff and Kieth Rash (Krash). However, the crew almost didn’t make it. Bad weather diverted their flight to Boise, Idaho. Four hours from their airport destination in Idaho Falls and 6 hours away from Jackson. After waiting a few hours for their luggage our team was going to rent a car and drive to Jackson. Unfortunately, because of bad weather and air flight cancellations, all vehicles were rented out. Nothing was available or open in all of Boise. Our team was determined not to miss the shoot. We wanted to come through for our friend and producer. Luckily, that friend, who was on a layover herself, found us a taxi driver who would drive our crew to Jackson. They arrived at their hotel close to 3 am. By the way, the shoot went great and our crew made it safely home.

This was a great example of our team’s determination to get the job done no matter what. No matter what obstacles we faced, we were able to overcome them and deliver a great product.

Our video production team is always up for a challenge. If you have an upcoming project that you need help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out.