All Because of COVID

On a recent trip to Seattle to shoot a music video, our director of photography, Justin McAleece found himself arriving about a day early to the studio with some time to kill. When the producer asked if he wanted to rap Justin told him:

A) He’d never rapped on a mic before.

B) He didn’t have any songs written.

C) That he’d be happy to partake.

Two takes and some ad libs later and it was all done. Honestly, he just wanted to mess around with the autotune. A few weeks later Mauricio Tapia, Daniel Zuñiga and Vicente Aello made a music video. It was produced all at Justin’s house, shot by Mauricio, and edited and colored by Justin. Michael Bostick did the rotoscoping (though we assure you he could do a much better job with a budget). Co-starring are Pietro Cercone as the virus, Justin’s wife Cortiny, and their cat Lisa Simpson McAleece.

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