Batman vs. Superman RC Fun

Batman vs. Superman

Propel is back and ready for action! We were thrilled and honored when the fine folks at Propel requested we create a spot for this amazing Batman Batwing RC Drone. We spent weeks in pre production building the set in our studio. Based off of storyboards by Director Jason Wada, this miniature city was built inside our studio by Alan Agazarian. With 25 small buildings complete with interior lighting, city streets, stop lights and cars, Jason and Alan combined their talents to create the perfect Gotham City! Needless to say, we had a blast making this one.
Shot by Ian McAleece on RED Epic Dragon. Direction, design and on-set flight control by Jason Wada. Smoke machine and assistance by Jeremiah Tobar. Miniature city set by Alan Agazarian. Jimmy Cosentino stars as the Batmaster™