Blaksmif – Ballin Outta Control

Here is another video that we shot with Marshall Day in Oakland and Richmond, CA. Blaksmif is a rapper all the way from The Bronx that came out here with his crew to do a couple music videos with a West Coast flavor. We also shot some pickup scenes in Fresno. My favorite shots are some of the slo-mo of the cars doing donuts near the end. We were rigged up in the back of a pickup truck with the camera strapped down on the tripod and we were whipping around really fast hoping not to get run over whenever the cars would get traction coming out of a turn. Not to mention that at times we couldn’t even see the cars at all because there was so much smoke! It was a lot of fun, but probably more than a little dangerous. We shot much of the b-roll at 96fps on our Epic Camera and used the Canon 5DmkII for some of the insert closeup shots.

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