BSB Law – Serious Injury

When BSB law reached out to us for new legal spots, we were excited to undertake the challenge. They wanted writing, casting, and an approach that conveyed the urgency of reaching out for legal advice without falling into the stereotypical tropes of legal service advertising.

Writer-Producer-Director Joel Janecek lead the charge to write spots that spoke to someone who might have been hurt on the job. Once scripts were in place, the Blare team, with Director of Photography and Lead Editor Mauricio Tapia leading the way, setup casting shoots that doubled as green screen tests. Key to our approach was both pulling a great key with lighting and framing to the background images.
Casting came together when local pro Paul Pavelski was chosen for the English spots and Felix Hernandez, a working commercial actor with national credits, was cast out of Southern California. We shot at Blare’s offices and used our Sony FX6 with Sigma Prime Lenses and lit with our new Aputure 600D light.

Post Production was our final challenge and we turned to editor and motion graphics artist Sean Brehm from our Phoenix AZ team. Sean brought some modern and stylish techniques to the table and was the final piece in a team approach that delivered legal spots the entire team is proud of.

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