Own A Car – Pass The Rest

Car Commercial

For this spot we spent a lot of time researching different car commercials and chase scenes. We shot much of the footage, in Fresno, from outside the top of Blake’s H3. We had our Vinten Vision 10 setup hanging out the moonroof being held in place with a few c-stand arms and gobo heads. We also had our Sony Z1U HDV camera similarly shooting video from the front grille of the car. We shot everything else with our RED One camera with Arri Zeiss standard speed prime lenses. We had a 16mm, 35mm, 50mm and an 85mm I believe. The cars were hard to navigate through because not only the Chrysler 300 but the H3 had to slide in front of the car we just passed so they had to hit their brakes pretty hard. We had to do a few process shots and a lot of editing to make this right including color correction and sound effects. We used After Effects and Apple Motion to take stills that we shot of the car’s rear bumper and make it look like we actually mounted the camera to the bumper which would’ve been almost impossible without modifying the car. We edited in other driving footage to make it look like the car was moving, color corrected them to match, rotoscoped a few things and shook the footage a little in post to give it that feel. We also had to do a lot of stabilizing, tracking and corner pinning to get the first graphic in on top of the LCD in the first shot of the 300’s navigation system. We have even better solutions for that type of situation including Syntheyes, PFTrack and some other programs.

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Crew Roles

Director of Photography, Grip, PA


Red Epic Camera, Sony Z1U HDV, Various Camera Mounts, Grip Gear