Case Central

Both H5 and Case Central are legal industry information retrieval firms. What this means is that they sort through mountains of data both, paper and digital and find what matters to the client. This is kind of like our jobs as a Video Production Company. We have to take all of the info, ideas and often conflicting directions that a company may have and turn all of those thoughts into one specific and meaningful idea. For Case Central this meant making graphs, charts, 2D and 3D animations to show people what would be hard to understand when using complicated terms to describe them. When we shot this we also used a very different color palette of blue and yellow. Right near the end the client changed their ideas and wanted the current palette of grey and orange. This could’ve been a big problem for other advertising agencies or video production companies but with our advanced knowledge of hexadecimal based color matching and cross program consistency we were able to change every last graphic in a very short amount of time. This is what excellent customer service is all about and what we strive for every day at BLARE Media.


Additional San Francisco Video Production Projects