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Shooting in Olympia? Making a guy fly? A beautiful house on the beach? Why not! This was quite an exciting production for us not only because we got to try some tricks that we don’t usually get to but also because we’re quite pleased with the final end product. KK BOLD – an advertising agency out of North Dakota was our client for this one and they brought not only a great concept to the table but a great attitude as well. The spot was lensed on the RED Epic Dragon camera with Zeiss glass by Domenic Barbero with Casey Schmidt as gaffer. It was directed by Justin McAleece and Produced by BLARE Media. Jason Wada did the magic in post and that was made possible by Cyrus Leisy and his excellent practical effects work. A big thank you to everyone involved, particularly our lead Joe Monroe, who was a great sport even after being in a climbing harness all day!

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