Children’s Hospital – The Dallas Carr Story

The Dallas Carr Story

Sometimes when you go into a shoot you’ll have a preconception about how things would normally go. Other times you get told that all the things you planned on making up the story with were now off-limits. In this piece for Children’s Hospital we were tasked with telling the story of Dallas Carr, the son of the soon to be Oakland Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr. The only trick was that we really couldn’t put any infants on camera. We couldn’t show any faces or distinguishing features, no nurses, really not much of anything besides the Carr’s. Luckily necessity is the mother of invention. We were able to find some interesting angles, subtle storytelling techniques and inventive approaches to our imagery that turned a simple half-day shoot into something that we’re rather proud of. This piece was shot with Canon DSLR’s by Justin McAleece and Byron Watkins, directed by Byron Watkins and produced and edited by Windsong Productions.

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