Cinema Reel 2013

Narrative Reel

Here is the cinema reel for the last few years of Blare Media’s narrative work. Some of the images are taken from projects that Justin McAleece or Ian McAleece worked as Camera Operators, Gaffers or both but most are from projects where they operated as the Directors of Photography whether separately or together. Around 50% of the color grading was not done by BLARE Media. The list of productions is as follows:

Project / Director / DP
Showboys / Johnny Soto / Bryan Harley
Life of a Stranger / Michael Lopez / McAleece
3 Blind Saints / John Eschenbaum / Tal Lazar
Luke Cage / Neil Thompson / McAleece
sLipPage / Bryan Hiltner / Ian McAleece
Gordon Family Tree / Marc Hampson / Paul Olson
Lex / Troy Ruff / Justin McAleece
Animals / Vince Cosentino / Justin McAleece
Politricks / Christian Strickland / McAleece
Framework / Christian Strickland / McAleece
Sahab 11:59 / Byron Watkins / Justin McAleece
Blue Velvet Box / Byron Watkins / McAleece
Finding Hope Now / Jennifer Tadlock / Shane Foster
Movie Know How / Michael Lopez / Justin McAleece
Phase Two / Jason Sanders / Andrew Waite & McAleece
The Lackey / Shaun Piccinino / Ian McAleece
The Measure of a Man / Andrew Waite & Elizabeth Waite / McAleece
You and I / Nicole McAleece / Justin McAleece
Music is Daydream in Blue by I-Monster

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