Fresno County Federal Credit Union – Life is Good

Fresno TV Commercial

We understand the importance of supporting quality local business–it’s the only surefire way to improve your local economy. FCFCU wanted to use media to show the neighborhood and beyond the level of consideration taken for the folks who trust them with their ‘bread.’ Over the course of two hot California days, we were able to put together this 60 second spot for FCFCU, in collaboration with some other local businesses. The party never ends!

We were fortunate enough to be able to bring out quite a few real members and didn’t even have a problem listening to the song a few hundred times–there was even a band, to the delight of all involved! The shoot turned out to be a ton of fun for people on both sides of the lens. We worked with JP Marketing and Windsong Productions, two companies that we have a pretty long track record with, which further solidified the idea of this commercial being community-produced for a local business.

It was nice to see the effect of the Credit Union making moves for the people who really need it on the faces of the members who came to the shoot. It was shot with our Epic camera with Bloomers Custom Diffusion.

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