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LED Lighting and Green Technology

As Dr. Yufu Cheng, the director of the Regions of Climate Action told us when we began pre-production, the worldwide push for green technology is creating a period of disruption within the hundred year-old commercial lighting industry: However, that disruption can be managed more simply and efficiently with the implementation of Youtil’s On-Demand Service Platform.

In the past, relations between energy consultants, lighting contractors, commercial building owners, and LED lighting manufactures, was never easy or transparent. Theirs is a world of constantly fluctuating prices, inconsistent energy rebates, high-pressure sales tactics, and unreliable technical information, where a general lack of trust has become the industry norm. Youtil is determined to change all of that, which is why they contracted with us to produce this video.

At Blare Media, one of the most important goals when producing any video is making sense of complexity; By interviewing energy and lighting consultants from the various target industries, we educated ourselves to better understand the lighting industry in general, and green technology specifically: In addition, those interviews provided us with the expert testimonials needed to express how simply and easily the Youtil Application could facilitate communication between the industry’s wide ranging stakeholders.

Whether our efforts succeed or fail will be determined in large part on the worldwide direction of green energy itself. With deteriorating multinational relations, the outcomes for a creating a greener planet remains in question so only time will tell.

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