Poverello House – Call for Hope

The Poverello House is an innovative service provider for people experiencing homelessness and/or in need of services like shelter, food, showers, clothing, substance abuse rehabilitation, and much more.

BLARE Media has been honored to make video content around their cutting-edge initiatives like the Village of Hope, a shelter/rehabilitation hybrid, and Pov’s sustainable energy and facilities investments. When Poverello decided to purchase airtime and make a long-form documentary program to educate the public and raise funds, we were even more honored that they chose us to be their production partner.

After initial conversations, it was clear that Poverello leadership wanted something real. We settled on a documentary approach without narration or roundtable segments, which meant taking a personal deep dive on their mission and talking to all the people who make it work. Our team, primarily consisting of Producer-Director Joel Janecek and Directors of Photography Mauricio Tapia and Justin McAleece, got to know every inch of Poverello operations, both at HQ and in the field, where we followed their teams as they facilitated large-scale camp clearings and performed one-on-one individual work. Our time shooting with every local leader who represents the Pov – from the Mayor to Councilperson to State Assembly member – was a great experience, and their eager participation reinforced the bipartisan support Poverello leadership has been able to build in the community.

It was a major push for our core team to make a program that runs a continuous 28:30, and not only informs but entertains and pulls on heartstrings alike.  In the end, we’re very proud of the work. Special moments like an older client’s relationship with her Case Worker, Men’s Rehab stories, and CA’s Governor literally dropping by Poverello because he had to see firsthand what he’d been hearing about, made it a piece that will stay with us for a long time.

Airing in April 2022, the special and subsequent telethon brought in over $100K in donations for Poverello, and it stands as one of the pieces BLARE Media is most proud of.

To watch the full 30 minute special, click here.

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