RANCHBOT Water Management

Ranchbot is an Australian company that provides remote water tank monitoring solutions for ranchers and farmers. They contacted our account executive Joel Janecek because some of their main executives were coming to the US and they wanted to do a couple of videos to show their technology working while their executives were surveying some of their clients’ ranches here in California. Ranchbot typically services clients with a large number of livestock who required a very precise way to monitor and manage their water supply for their animals. Our DP Justin McAleece took on the task and travelled for a day with them to multiple locations in the Central Valley capturing stunning images of the animals, the properties, and also some great interviews. Blare utilized our RED Raptor, Sony A7s3, DJI drone and some GoPros. We created images that our editor Mauricio Tapia was able to use to tell their stories and highlight how Ranchbot’s technology is helping their clients to manage their water supply for their livestock more efficiently. These videos not only showcase the capabilities of Ranchbot’s solutions but also provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by ranchers and the positive impact of technology on their daily.