SERPA – Visalia Product Video

Serpa approached us with a unique opportunity to create a video showcasing their latest machine. This cutting-edge equipment embodies Serpa’s expertise for on-premises fabrication and advanced technology.
Working with their in-house marketing team, we helped turn their intended points of emphasis into a dynamic series of assembly production coverage. Our aim was to help them achieve their objective of presenting the new machine to potential clients in an innovative and captivating manner. Through meticulous attention to detail, we combined visually stunning imagery with informative content, effectively highlighting the machine’s features and capabilities. Serpa has told us that the video serves as as a powerful tool to engage and educate potential clients, showcasing Serpa’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Mauricio Tapia, our in-house cinematographer & lead editor, took on the role of directing and shooting the video using our Sony FX6, Sony A7s3 and a GoPro. With the support of AE Joel Janecek, and grips Ryan Gibson and Daniel Zuniga, the team was able to bring their expertise to the project and ensure its success.
Overall, this project allowed us to collaborate closely with Serpa, leveraging our expertise to guide them toward achieving their goals – by delivering a compelling video, seamlessly integrated into an innovative brochure, with a LED screen that plays the video when it’s open.

Video Style