Bland Solar – More Exciting than a Mountain

Solar Commercial Campaign

We frequently collaborate with Jon and Jean-Luc Slagle of Scope Studios and very often during the last 9 or so years we’ve gotten to do some fun and entertaining projects. This one was right up there! For this campaign we were able to take something that’s a little, well… bland and turn it into Bland Solar – More Exciting than it Sounds. We shot the board room sequences in a great building in Bakersfield and did the green screen portions down in Los Angeles. It was a lot of work getting the compositing elements just right on set, but we know that it would all come together due to the great script and superb acting. I look forward to doing the next set of commercials for Bland Solar.

Bland Solar – More Exciting than the Old West

Bland Solar – More Exciting than Searching for Treasure

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Crew Roles

Director of Photography, Gaffer


Red Epic Dragon Camera, Lighting Package, Grip Truck