Stockbridge Investor Video

Large scale real estate investment opportunities can be highlighted quite well with video, and when San Francisco investment firm Stockbridge approached Blare Media to help them put together a tour of new properties in Georgia and South Carolina, that due to the pandemic, potential buyers were unable to tour, we were happy to help.

First task was sourcing and vetting a local director of photography who could do this kind of work well. Account Executive and Producer Joel Janecek and lead cinematographer and editor Mauricio Tapia paid close attention to this process, interviewing several individuals, and settling on Jeffrey Beard who has become a regular collaborator for Blare Media shoots in the Southeast.

We worked with Jeffrey to do some creative coverage including him holding a Ronin and riding his Onewheel down the new rental communities’ streets. He did a great job with both drone, exteriors and interiors.

Once we had the footage, we had to find a way to make zoom audio recordings work for this visual medium. We placed a headshot per speaker in the corner of the video and it allowed for a personal touch of a speaker talking directly to the target audience while keeping the focus squarely on the visuals.

The video did great things for these investments and stands as a great example of how video can have great functionality for a specialty audience.

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