Tachi Palace – Sounds Like Fun Amenities

Tachi Palace Commercial

Fresno TV Commercial Production for Tachi Palace and Casino: For this spot Windsong and BLARE Media decided that they wanted to make a casino spot with some pretty specific stipulations. The commercial would have to be able to be played year-round, feel fun but not over the top, be catchy but not annoying and really get the audience to want to stop on by and have a good time at the Casino. Well, with a lot of hard work, we think we accomplished it. This entry in the campaign is for the Amenities and really sells everything else that Tachi palace has to offer besides just the gaming. The spot was concepted and written by Windsong Productions, directed by Byron Watkins and shot by Ian and Justin McAleece with the RED One Camera with Canon EF L Series lenses.

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