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When Taco Bell Canada needed a local team from Los Angeles to cover a special trip for contest winners they called BLARE Media. The idea was that they were taking some of their most devoted fans from the snowy lands of Canada and sending them to the sunny beaches of California for a once in a lifetime trip through the Taco Bell Headquarters and test kitchen. We shot the footage on our 5DmkIII and Red Epic cameras and it was a lot of fun. We got to see behind the curtain at all the interesting new things they had going on at Taco Bell and just how high tech a lot of the business has become. It was good times hanging out with our neighbors from the North and we look forward to their next visit. Justin McAleece was the Director of Photography, Zack Allen was the Sound Mixer and Reggie Castaneda and Jordan Esswein handled the Grip and Electric. Thanks for watching!

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